Christlife Ministries offers a Sober-Living Housing Program at Metanoia Houses in Pueblo. Metanoia Houses provides furnished group housing, utilities, a house phone, laundry facilities, and employment/education services. Rent is $600 per month and there is a $250 fee due at move-in. Metanoia House is not independent living. Metanoia House requires a voluntary 6-month commitment to Christlife Ministries’ re-entry program.  Housing options are limited and in great demand.  Metanoia House is not a requirement of the WAGEES program but WAGEES clients MAY be able to receive a short-term rent subsidy at Metanoia House – AFTER the initial $250 is paid. Potential residents must complete a housing intake, be approved by the Executive Director, and submit a clean UA before moving in. Housing intakes take approximately 1 hour and are conducted Monday – Thursday 10:00am-3:00pm and Friday 9:00am-Noon. 

The Pre-Release Inquiry Form should be completed and emailed to by Facility Staff.